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MEETING  TIME: 12:00 p.m.

1.   Call to Order/Pledge to the American Flag: PCC Chairman
2.   PUBLIC COMMENT PERIOD – As required (A 3-minute maximum per person.) Any member of the public may be heard on any subject that is not on the agenda. The Policy Coordinating Committee will not take any action on Non-Agenda items at this
time, but could choose to add an item to the next meeting’s agenda for discussion.
Public comment will be taken only during the Public Comment periods as indicated on the agenda and during the Public Hearings, if any are scheduled, under the Regular agenda. Comments may be sent to Board via email before 10:00 AM on Tuesday, April 21, 2020. All emails received prior to this time will be read into the record for the public hearing.
The Public may call in during specific Public Comment periods at (406) 237-6196. All callers will be in a queued system and are asked to remain on hold and be patient. Calls will be taken in the order in which they are received. Callers will be restricted to 3 minutes of testimony as is customary. Live coverage can be viewed in two locations:
a.   Comments on items not on the agenda and requests to add items to future agendas.
b.   Comments on items on the Non-public and Public agenda items.
3.   Approval of the minutes of: February 18, 2020
4.   Old Business: 
a.   Project Update: Build Grant Letter of Support. Scott Walker, Transportation Coordinator, presenting.
b.   Project Update:  5th Avenue North Study.  Scott Walker, Transportation Coordinator, presenting.
c.   Project Update.  Bike/Scooter Share Study.  Elyse Monat, Alternative Modes Coordinator, presenting.
d.   Project Update. Inner Belt Loop Study.  Lora Mattox, Transportation Planner, presenting.
e.   Project Update. 29/30th One Way-Two Way Conversion.  Scott Walker, Transportation Coordinator, presenting.
f.   Project Update.  Downtown Traffic Study-Public Participation.  Lora Mattox, Transportation Planner, presenting.
5.   New Business
6.   Other Business
7.   Future Agenda Items
8.   Adjournment

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